Our professional staff will conduct an

on-site traditional estate sale or an online estate auction for you. Advertising, marketing, and getting top dollar for your items is our priority. 


Elite Estate Services offers buy out services if an estate sale or

consigning items is not right for you.

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One man's trash is another man's treasure. We recommend that clients collect all personal belongings and treasured family heirlooms before we set up however, please do not discard anything! Over the years, we've retrieved valuables worth hundreds of dollars from garbage bins. Let us determine what may sell from your discards. Additional services can be added when necessary. Dumpsters can be placed on site for large jobs when cleaning out rubbish prior to the sale is needed. We also enjoy promoting your property with realtor brochures if the home is on the market during your sale.

Elite Estate Services evaluates each estate individually creating a customized plan for you. Our services range from consultations, organizing and sorting of assets, estate sales, estate clean-outs, consignments, online estate auctions, and partial to full estate buy outs. 

Asset Organization and Sales